Petroleum Association of Japan

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Petroleum Industry in Japan 2015

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Petroleum Association of Japan

  1. Preface
  2. Profile of Petroleum Association of Japan
  3. Oil Supply and Demand in Japan
  4. Energy Policy in Japan
  5. Oil Stockpiling and New Emergency Response Measures
  6. Petroleum Resource Development in Japan
  7. Regulatory Reform and Petroleum Industry
  8. Petroleum Product Distribution and Marketing
  9. Toward a Fundamental Reexamination of Petroleum-related Taxes
  10. Reinforcement of Corporate Structure
  11. Thorough Safety Measures
  12. Preparation for Major Oil Spill Incidents
  13. Environmental Measures in the Oil Refining Sector
  14. Quality Improvement in Automotive Fuels
  15. The Global Warming Issue and Oil
  16. Utilization of Biomass Fuel
  17. Efficient Use of Oil
  18. Efforts toward Developing New Energies

◆ Stable Oil Supply to Final Consumers including Times of Disaster


  1. Location of Refineries and Crude Distillation Capacity in Japan
  2. Overview of the Japanese Petroleum Industry
  3. Main Product Specifications in Japan
  4. Web Address of PAJ's Oil Statistics Website

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